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Nadia Gallini Company.
Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine
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Wooden jewellery providing stylish accessories handcrafted from natural materials: wood, amber, leather, etc.
Sticking to the ecological fashion, mottoed Ethnofashion, Woodenbeadwear offers a wide assortment of necklaces, beads, bracelets, bangles, earrings, pendants, and belts made of endemic species of wood grown on the Southern Black Sea Coast of the Crimean Peninsula.
The principal raw materials are grey mountain oak, ash, almond and cherry wood, pruned during sanitary cleaning of the Crimean National Reserve and orchards. The finished products are covered with a wax-based polish.
Many products have natural Baltic amber.

Handcrafted from precious grey mountain oak, and laden with a heavy selection of alluring natural amber, attractive terracotta ceramics and appealing shiny stainless steel, these are natural jewellery pieces to evoke serious passion and natural adoration!

No wonder that even the most sophisticated of fashion article merchandizers are crazy about designs of Crimean craftsmen and artist.

Natural wooden jewellery by really is bringing us all to the ethnic and eco fashion.

Welcome to wooden beadwear internet shop which offers you a rich variety of wooden beads, pendants, chokers, bracelets, belts and earrings of all colours, designs and fashions.

Each product presented in the Wooden Beadwear Web Shop is hand-made and unique since there are no two identical pieces of wood.

Design and production of wooden jewelry in a long time came into my life. Let me talk a little like using beads made of wood, collected from various decorations, you can emphasize your individuality.


Who is?

Nadia Gallini is a young and very talented female designer of wooden jewellery. >>>

Where from?

Crimea, the beautiful Ukrainian peninsula located in the middle of the Black Sea, is famous for its traditional wooden jewellery craftsmen. We are proud to present a new name in the wooden jewellery design and production.

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